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Draw Like Van Gogh


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Draw Like Van Gogh

Tina H.

I have taught art lessons to groups of homeschoolers locally for many years. I love showing them great art and letting them learn something from a master, but I also love giving them the confidence to make the idea their own.

This lesson introduces Vincent Van Gogh to children and helps them to draw in a similar style.



Grade level

2-3 hours

Time needed

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Lesson Plan


  • Recall information about Vincent Van Gogh

  • Explain different imagery or ideas in his Art

  • Create my own Art based off of ‘Starry Night’


  1. Study: 1 vocabulary review

  2. Discuss: 2-3 discussion questions

  3. Research: 1 research activity

  4. Watch: 1-2 videos

  5. Go: 1 outdoor observation activity

  6. Create: 1 oil pastel or painting

  7. Debrief/Assess: 1 set of review questions

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