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"Encanto" and Colombia


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"Encanto" and Colombia

Natalie M.

We watched Encanto and listened to the soundtrack and the kids loved it, and wanted to learn more about Columbia and other topics from the movie.

This lesson takes a deep dive into the world of Encanto with hands-on activities such as cooking, gardening, and building bridges, as well as researching Colombia.



Grade level

3 hours 15 minutes - 5 hours

Time needed

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Lesson Plan


  • Recall facts I learned about Colombia and Spanish words for different family members

  • Explain soundwaves and how sound travels

  • Build a bridge with toothpicks, considering the physics of how much weight it can hold.

  • Write about what my super power would be and why, considering the pros and cons.


  1. Hook: 1 discussion

  2. Vocab: 1 set of vocabulary words

  3. Read: 1 picture book

  4. Research: 3-4 books or suggested websites

  5. Cook: 1 cooking activity

  6. Draw: 1-2 articles and 1-2 drawing activities

  7. Watch: 1 video and 1 experiment

  8. Plant: 1 hands-on activity

  9. Build: 1 hands-on activity

  10. Write: 1 writing activity

  11. Make: 1 family tree

  12. Dance: 1 video

  13. Debrief/Assess: 1 set of discussion questions

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