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Explore Our World - Mexico


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Explore Our World - Mexico

Rosie G.

I thought learning about Mexico would be fun during Cinco De Mayo while on lockdown with my kiddos.

In this lesson Children will “travel” to Mexico to experience the rich culture this country has to offer! Children get to create a passport, a coiled clay pot and a pinata.



Grade level

Multiple days

Time needed

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Lesson Plan


  • Identify where Mexico is on a map and key aspects of Mexican culture.

  • Explain who Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are and how they are important to Mexico.

  • Explain what Cinco de Mayo and el Dia de los Muertos are and how they are celebrated.


  1. Hook: 1 set of questions

  2. Study: 1 map of North America and 1 map of the world

  3. Design: 1 Passport

  4. Listen: Traditional Music

  5. Read: 1 or more suggested books

  6. Watch: 2 short YouTube videos and 1 full length movie

  7. Draw: 2 drawing activities

  8. Create: 2 art activities

  9. Cook: 3 Mexican inspired recipes

  10. Fiesta: 1 Party!

  11. Debrief/Assess: 1 set of review questions

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