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Fine Arts Around The World: Mexico


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Fine Arts Around The World: Mexico

Allison F.

Our third week of Fine Arts Around The World, we focused on the country of Mexico. We danced dances, listened to music, and learned about other amazing artwork.

In this lesson children will be introduced to the fine arts of Mexico by studying architecture, painting, pottery, music, and dance, specific to Mexico and Mexican culture!



Grade level

2-3 hours

Time needed

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Lesson Plan


  • Define words related to Mexican fine art

  • Identify Chichen Itza and build a mini model of my own

  • Create a piece of Mexican inspired pottery

  • Listen to mariachi music and make my own maracas

  • Learn to dance in traditional Mexican style


  1. Hook: 1 set of introductory questions

  2. Study: 1 set of vocab words

  3. Identify: 1 map activity

  4. Read: 1-2 books and suggested article

  5. Build: 1 pottery project

  6. Create: 1 pottery project

  7. Paint: 1 painting activity

  8. Watch: 2 videos

  9. Dance: 1 dancing activity

  10. Debrief/Assess: 1 set of review questions

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