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Learning to Read


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Learning to Read

Amethyst K.

I have a special needs child who needs much more help with reading than kids his age do, so I came up with a lesson plan that somewhat kept his attention and kept him working. Before this we had meltdowns daily and no work was getting done. I just tried to make it more fun

This lesson provides activities to teach your child to read.



Grade level

2-5 hours

Time needed

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Lesson Plan


  • Identify sight words using cards

  • Identify the beginning letter of a word using a picture.

  • Compose short stories using the sight words.

  • Find rhyming words for the sight words.


  1. Study: 1 set of vocab words

  2. Create: 1 set of sight word cards

  3. Color: 5 Worksheets

  4. Make: 1 comic book or comic strip

  5. Write: 1 short story

  6. Play: 1 game

  7. Present: 1 set of review questions

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