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Letter of the Day the Older Kid Way: Letter Y


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Letter of the Day the Older Kid Way: Letter Y

Danielle D.

These lessons are designed to help children of different ages engage in connected lessons. Younger learners often have letter of the day/week lessons and now older learners can too! These lessons provide a fun way for learners to study a letter of the day/week in a cross-curricular, age appropriate, engaging way. The activities in these lessons can be adapted for learners from 2nd- 8th Grades.

Children will be encouraged to take ownership of their learning as they dive into activities inspired by the letter Y. They will learn how to say “yes” in different languages, learn about why we yawn, select a yarn art project to create, learn how to prepare a yogurt parfait recipe, and much more!



Grade level

3 - 3.5 hours

Time needed

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Lesson Plan


  • Research about an animal that starts with the letter Y and apply my research to write an animal report.

  • Use what I know about myself as a learner to guide me when selecting projects and research tools.

  • Make connections and share ideas with siblings or friends.


  1. Hook: 1 discussion and word listing activity

  2. Vocab: 1 set of terms to discuss throughout the lesson

  3. Watch: 1 video

  4. Study: 1 article, 1 video

  5. Create: 1-3 yarn art activities with video tutorials

  6. Research: 1 website, 1-2 additional websites or books

  7. Write: 1 nonfiction writing activity

  8. Cook: 1 recipe

  9. Color: 1 detailed coloring page, 1 resource

  10. Debrief: 1 presentation and set of discussion questions

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