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Animal Poop Expedition

Warning: This lesson is gross, which is great because kids love gross things! Your child will learn about why the poop of different animals looks the way that it does. This lesson may spark an interest in learning about the human digestive system as well!

Curated by Flock
WorksheetGrades 1-4AnimalsScienceSurvival

As an introduction to camouflage, your child can watch a short video and answer the included comprehension questions (answer key is included). Perhaps this video will inspire them to learn more about camouflage and animals!

PrintableGrades 1-4AnimalsScienceResearch

Children can use this animal research web as a note taking tool as they read books about, watch videos about, or observe any animal they are interested in learning more about. Having this tool readily available to children can help encourage them to engage in note taking and research more independently. Your child may enjoy 3-hole punching their research web pages add putting them into a binder to create their own animal fact binder as they gather information about more and more animals!


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Danielle Day
LessonGrades 1-5AnimalsScienceLife SciencesNatureSurvival

Children will learn about mimicry through books, a video, and a comparison activity. They will discover how and why animals use mimicry. Then, they will use their imaginations to create their own animals and explain how those animals use mimicry to help them survive.

LessonGrades 3-6AnimalsLifeScienceHolidays

Your child will learn about the unique sleep habits of many different animals. Throughout the lesson, they will engage in: research, writing, graphing to compare the number of hours different special sleep in a day, keeping a sleep log, and more.

Short lessonPreK-KAnimalsELABooksWinter

During this lesson, your child will apply reading comprehension skills through discussion and art as they explore the book, Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett.


Through an interesting video, engaging books, an art project, and brief writing activity, your child will learn and demonstrate what they have learned about why some animals have different colored body coverings during different seasons of the year.


Throughout this lesson, your child will explore strategies animals use to prepare for and survive the winter. They will read an informative picture book, enjoy a few fun songs, categorize what they have learned, and be encouraged to dig deeper into learning about the strategies several animals use to survive the winter.

LessonGrades 3-5AnimalsScienceWinter

Your child will discover how and why different animals hibernate as they read and respond, watch an educational video, and reflect on what they have learned.

LessonGrades 1-5AnimalsScience

We have been learning about different ways that animals protect themselves. My son also wanted to learn some different ways to make slime so it seemed like a great time to learn about slimy animals.

LessonGrades 1-5AnimalsScienceLegoReadingSurvival

My children and I saw a book called Animal Armor at the library and were excited to read it! I hope that the format of ‘Read, Watch, Build, Draw Lessons’ encourages children to learn about new topics often. These lessons are designed to be low-prep. I like to include extension activities to encourage further exploration if a child discovers a deep interest in the topic.

LessonGrades 1-5AnimalsScienceSurvival

Books by Steve Jenkins are a favorite in our family. We always learn so many interesting facts and are inspired to keep learning long after we finish each book!

LessonGrades 1-5AnimalsScienceLegoReading

One of my children was interested in learning more about axolotls. That interest led down a path to discovering more unusual animals. I hope that the format of ‘Read, Watch, Build, Draw Lessons’ encourages children to learn about new topics often. These lessons are designed to be low-prep but also include extension activities to encourage further exploration


My kids love the “What if You Had Animal…” series. They love to think about what it would be like to have different types of hair. They always want Giant Pangolin hair, because they think it would be cool to not have to wear a helmet!

Short lessonPreK-2AnimalsScience

My kids and I love the “What If You Had Animal” series. It is fun to use these books to learn about animal characteristics.

What is your family learning this week?

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