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Short lessonGrades 2-3MathFractions

Comparing Fractions

In this lesson, your child will compare fractions with common and uncommon denominators using picture cues to help them differentiate and make decisions about the value of each.

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LessonGrades 3-5Social

It is very important to me for my kids to understand other cultures and accurate history. The only way to do this is to listen to people from different cultures tell their stories. Many of our friends were familiar with Laura and her family's story. I was so excited to see Louise Erdrich's series and be able to offer my kids another perspective on the events of the time period. This lesson proved very impactful for my kids.


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Pattie Brewer
Short lessonGrades 1-3ComparingScienceAnimalsHedgehogHolidays

One of my sons has been waiting for months for the new Sonic movie to come out. We decided to learn a bit about real hedgehogs while we waited to see the movie.

LessonGrades 3-6ComparingELASocialHistoryMapsMovement

This lesson explains the history of communication and the different modes of communication that have been used since the pony express in the 1800s. It also involves writing poems, letters, postcards and ecards. It starts with a fun relay race (where the baton represents mail) to connect to the process of transferring information through the Pony Express.

LessonGrades 1-3ComparingSocialAmerican HistoryCookingHistory

This lesson examines Laura Ingalls Wilder and the time period she lived in. The child will learn about her life on the prairie and what it was like to be a pioneer child through research, videos, crafts, pioneer cooking and a pioneer themed day!

LessonPreK-2ComparingMathCookingCountingField Trips

This lesson is all about counting and comparing green beans. Students get to go into the garden to pick their veggies and then into the kitchen to prepare and cook a meal, while all the while doing math!

LessonGrades 1-2ComparingMathCartoonsPokemonTelevision

This lesson introduces strategy and math into the game of Pokémon, while giving children the opportunity to create their own card.

LessonGrades 5-8ELABooksSurvivalWinter

This book study of The SIgn of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare includes comprehensive discussion and reading response activities, recipes and craft projects to help your child make connections to the books, and the option of comparing the book to the movie.

Short lessonGrades 2-3MathFractions

In this lesson, your child will practice the ability to find and identify equivalent fractions while comparing their values.

LessonGrades 4-6ELABooksLiterary AnalysisMovies

In this lesson, your child will read A Wrinkle in Time, exploring the literary elements in the text with a graphic organizer and a lap book. Your child will also watch the movie, comparing and contrasting the movie and the novel.

LessonGrades 7-8ELABooksReadingStorytelling

This lesson encourages readers to think deeply as they read the book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. They will do some character mapping, comparing and contrasting, and a fun escape room activity.

LessonGrades 6-8SocialBusiness

This lesson examines imports and exports, through comparing and contrasting and comparative advantage activities.


This lesson allows children to explore the process of growing rock candy using Kool Aid, sugar, and water. Children will engage in the scientific process by making a hypothesis about the experiment results, comparing their hypothesis to the end result, and designing their own rock candy experiment using different ingredients.

LessonGrades 2-6SocialContinentsCountriesGeography

During this lesson, your child will learn about different continents and countries. They will choose one country to learn more about. They will research what they chose, create a venn diagram comparing where they live to that country, and create a travel brochure about the country they chose.

LessonGrades 2-6ScienceSocialAmericaAmerican HistoryCivics

This lesson allows children to learn more about the past U.S. Presidents, through creating a U.S President social media profile, and comparing and contrasting John Adams and George Washington. It could be adapted for any U.S. President.

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