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Short lessonPreK-8CookingLifeHolidaysPancakes

Cooking Day (Under an Hour)

Your child will learn their way around the kitchen with an official "kitchen tour". They will learn about a unique holiday called: National Cooking Day (September 25th), explore recipes, and select a recipe to help prepare. Ingredients and kitchen tools needed for the recipe you and your child select Suggested titles (optional) Additional Supplies


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LessonGrades 3-5CookingLifeMathEmotionsEmpathyFeelings

This lesson teaches children philanthropy while incorporating elements of Math and English.

LessonGrades 4-5LifeMath

After we had learned about fractions, I wanted to create a unit to show real world ways that fractions could be.

LessonGrades 5-8Life

Cooking is an essential skill that everyone has to learn.

LessonGrades 6-8CookingLifeScienceFoodHome Economics

In this lesson, children learn what it’s really like to preserve food through water bath canning! Children will be presented with multiple scenarios where they will have to use critical thinking skills to to consider the information provided and make what they believe is the best choice in each situation. Situations your child will be presented with include: what food to can, where to gather the food, what tools are needed for canning and what jar size is appropriate for the food they are preserving. This is a great lesson for anyone who is interested in learning how to preserve their own food by water bath canning!

Found in lesson: … Jam: A sweet spread made by cooking crushed fruit and sugar Jelly: A …

LessonGrades 3-8CookingLife

Bread is a staple food in our home and we want it as fresh as can be! By using our own milled flour, we love making freshly baked bread to nourish our bodies.

Found in lesson: … step instructions Sourdough Bread Starter Recipe | Kids Cooking Activities Why not try growing some wheat …

Short lessonPreK-8CookingLifeHolidaysPancakes

Your family will learn about the unique holiday, National Pancake Day, which occurs in both September and Mid-February / Early March of each year. They will make and taste test pancakes! Along the way, they will engage in discussions about what they observe about the ingredients, pancake mixture, and prepared pancakes. Be sure to check out the extended lesson suggestions at the end of this lesson as well for more pancake inspired fun!

Found in lesson: … together, how they look as they are cooking, and how a pancake looks when it …

Short lessonPreK-2CookingLifeAutumnFallLifecycles

In this lesson children will discover how a pumpkin starts out as a seed, grows into a pumpkin and becomes a pie! Children will also create an adorable pumpkin pie craft and bake a pumpkin pie of their very own!


Your child will watch a cool time-lapse video and create a diagram as they learn about the life cycle of a watermelon. Then, they will describe how watermelon tastes, feels, smells...as they enjoy this delicious summertime snack! Check out the optional, quick watermelon pizza recipe too!

LessonPreK-8CookingMathFoodIce CreamMath

Your child will practice their data collection skills as they generate a question related to ice cream, survey friends and family, organize their data, and share the results of the survey with the family. Then, enjoy ice cream together or make ice cream your own if you would like to with a quick recipe!


Your children will learn about the history of popsicles and make connections to a book as they dream up their own specialty popsicles.

LessonGrades 1-6CookingLifeMathScienceChemistryShopping

This lesson uncovers the chemical process that takes place when pizza dough rises. Children will learn what yeast is, what it takes to activate yeast and its important role in pizza dough. In this lesson children will compare ingredients, shop for needed supplies and make and bake their own pizza from scratch!

Found in lesson: … it’s active time) time to start cooking! There are so many benefits to cooking

LessonGrades 1-3CookingELALifeMathArts and CraftsCountingDragons

This lesson provides opportunities for cross curricular skill practice using the theme of tacos! Your child will learn about tacos through comprehensive reading and research activities. They will practice story sequencing and drawing with symmetry. They will also create some taco crafts and participate in cooking tacos for a taco madness night!

LessonGrades 2-4CookingSocialCultureGeographyStates

Your child will explore Alabama through books and a video. They will make connections as they help prepare popular foods from the state. Then, they will create a poster to show what they have learned about the state of Alabama.

LessonPreK-KCookingELALifeFoodLiterary AnalysisMeasure

During this lesson, your child will engage in cross-curricular and life skills activities related to donuts. They will discuss a fiction book, run a pretend donut shop, and follow a recipe to cook donuts!

What is your family learning this week?

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