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LessonGrades 3-5CountriesSocialAmericaGeographyPolitical Science

Create Your Own Country

This lesson uses your student’s prior knowledge of the founding of the United States to create their own country.


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Jennifer Wright
LessonGrades 1-8Social

I noticed that when teaching my kids in our homeschool they where continuously referring to Africa as a country. My children understood that there were many countries within the other continents but for some reason they didn't understand that Africa contains over 50 countries!

LessonGrades 1-4CountriesSocialCultureTravel

Children will travel to Peru in this fun and engaging lesson! They will learn fun facts about Peru through video, read familiar stories with a Peruvian twist, write a travel journal entry describing Peru, make a fun paper plate llama and cook some delicious Peruvian food. A virtual visit to the Peruvian museum of their choice wraps up the lesson.

Found in lesson: … borders Peru to the West? What countries border Peru? What else do they …

LessonGrade 8CountriesScienceChemistryHolidays

This lesson explores the science and tradition of fireworks in a format that is suitable for older children.

Found in lesson: … in fireworks. Explain traditions in other countries based on my own research. Outline …

LessonGrades 7-8CountriesSocialCivilizationHistoryIndia

This lesson teaches your child about a fascinating ancient civilization. It includes researching, mapping activities, essay writing, and more.


In this lesson, children will expand their understanding of the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” by reading a book, learning new words, cooking tortillas, and even making their own family “ofrendas”!

LessonGrades 2-6CountriesSocialContinentsGeography

During this lesson, your child will learn about different continents and countries. They will choose one country to learn more about. They will research what they chose, create a venn diagram comparing where they live to that country, and create a travel brochure about the country they chose.


In this lesson children will learn about the origins of Saint Patrick’s Day and the life of Saint Patrick through stories, short videos, music, math, writing, and crafts!

LessonGrades 1-6CountriesSocialHistoryInstanbulTurkey

In this lesson children will explore the beauty and wonder of the Hagia Sophia. Children will read books and articles, watch engaging short videos, take a virtual tour and draw a picture of the Hagia Sophia!

LessonGrades 1-6CountriesSocialEmpiresHistoryIstanbul

In this lesson children will explore the rich history of the Ottoman Empire through beautiful books, an engaging video, a quick quiz, a map project, a writing assignment and a fun song.

Found in lesson: … Empire: an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly …

LessonGrades 2-6CountriesSocialCleopatraEgyptHistory

In this lesson children will learn about the life and legacy of Cleopatra. Children will read informative books, watch a short video, complete a reading comprehension worksheet, and create a beautiful Egyptian collar.

Found in lesson: … Pyramids can be found in many other countries around the world! What do you think …

LessonGrades 1-4CountriesSocialEnglandGeographyHistory

In this lesson children will learn about the legendary Spanish Armada. Children will watch, read, map, create and play their way to learning about this famous fleet of Spanish ships!


This lesson teaches children about the Lunar New Year through song, dance, writing, crafts and Math activities.


In this lesson children will “travel” to the North American country of Canada! Your child will sample maple syrup, learn what a mountie is, explore Inuit life and build an Inukshuk in this exciting and engaging lesson!

Found in lesson: … four walls. We experienced so many different countries and cultures and learned so much that …

LessonGrades 3-5CountriesELASocialChinaCultureKinesthetic

This lesson incorporates Chinese New Year and the Legend of Nian to engage children in writing their own myth while also learning more about Chinese New Year.

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