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LessonPreK-KDisneyELASocialAmericaAmerican HistoryCartoons

Disney Princess Social Studies Pocahontas

This lesson teaches children about the history of Thanksgiving and Native Americans, using the Disney Princess Pocahontas as a stimulus.


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Breanna Price

This lesson helps children to learn some basic math skills with Spiderman. They also get to make a Spiderman mask and a Spiderman dessert!

LessonK-2DisneyLifeArts and CraftsEmotionsEmpathy

This lesson explores emotions and teaches children that being different isn’t a bad thing and how to accept everyone for who they are through reading books, making slime, making sensory bottles and writing about emotions.

Found in lesson: … child. Emotions Discovery Bottles Inspired By Disney's Inside Out By: LalyMom Write Below …

LessonGrades 4-8DisneyELASocialCartoonsEncantoMovies

This lesson is based on Disney’s film Encanto. Children get to watch the movie, and then discuss, research and write about social influences on family dynamics using themes from the film.


In this lesson, children will expand their understanding of the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” by reading a book, learning new words, cooking tortillas, and even making their own family “ofrendas”!

Found in lesson: … 1.5 2 hours Inspiration “We love Disney movies and use the cartoons to inspire …

LessonGrades 1-3DisneyMathGamesMoviesSpace

This lesson practices Math skills with a Star Wars theme. Children will work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions through color by number, LEGO minifigure games, multiplication puzzles and more!


This lesson takes a deep dive into the world of Encanto with hands-on activities such as cooking, gardening, and building bridges, as well as researching Colombia.


This lesson uses The Avengers as a theme to practice important problem solving skills and fine and gross motor skills through pattern activities, STEM activities, math games, and a creative design project.

LessonGrades 7-8DisneyELASocialKings & QueensMoviesPocahontas

During this lesson, your child will read and watch videos to gather information about Pocahontas. They will compare facts about the real Pocahontas to the Disney character, Pocahontas. They will write an essay on their thoughts about John Smith’s possible interactions with Pocahontas. Finally, they will take a virtual tour of where the Pamunkey and Mattaponi tribes live today.


This lesson helps children practice the alphabet and counting to 100 with the help of Spiderman themed activities and games.

Found in lesson: … s Spidey and His Amazing Friends | Disney Junior | Marvel HQ Discuss what the video …


This lesson uses Moana as a stimulus to learn about the Pacific Islands through singing, dancing, writing, vocabulary, sorting, STEM, and baking activities.

Found in lesson: … with your child. It is available on Disney+ or to 2 hours) rent on Amazon …


This lesson uses Frozen as inspiration for a social studies lesson about Norway and the Vikings.

Found in lesson: … of cooking activity) Inspiration “My girls love Disney Princesses and I found a way to …

LessonGrades 3-6DisneyELAAlice in WonderlandBooksCartoons

Kids want to make up their own stories and this lesson helps them recognize the common structure shared by many of our most popular movies and favorite kids’ books, and why they makes us care.

LessonGrade 8ELASocialAuthorsBooksLiterary Analysis

The Great Gatsby is a wonderful classic! In this lesson children will read the novel, compare the book to the movie, learn about symbolism in general and in the book, create a timeline of events of the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald and plan a Gatsby themed party!

Found in lesson: … literature by using examples from well known Disney movies, common objects from popular movies, plays …

LessonGrades 1-7SocialChristmasEuropeTraditions

In this lesson children will explore how Christmas is celebrated in the cold northern countries of Scandinavia. Children will learn to say “Merry Christmas” in three languages, create traditional Christmas ornaments and bake traditional foods from Scandinavia!

Found in lesson: … YouTube 19 min) BONUS! Did you know Disney’sFrozen is set in Norway? Be sure …

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