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Learning with Easter Eggs

This lesson incorporates practicing a variety of cross-curricular skills with an Easter egg theme. Activities include reading comprehension, egg matching activities, and an egg-xellent submarine experiment!

Kristen Freeman

Help your child strengthen their phonics skills with these fun and interactive Easter activities. All activities are easy to prepare and present a great opportunity to create a thematic week for your child to practice phonics skills.


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Kristen Freeman
LessonPreK-KEasterArtsELAMathCountingScavenger Hunts

This lesson provides opportunities for you and your child to discuss your family’s traditions for Easter. It includes activities related to many cross curricular skills including: information on the history of Easter, a fiction story, academic egg hunts,and a chick art project.

LessonPreK-KEasterMathHolidaysScavenger Hunts

This lesson examines counting with Easter themed activities. It features reading, counting with Easter eggs, clip cards, a virtual Easter egg hunt, puzzles, and making numbers and Easter eggs with playdough!


This lesson explores the Easter holiday and the Easter Bunny through books, a writing and drawing activity, a bunny counting activity, a musical activity, and a craft project.


During this lesson, your child will complete puzzles, play games, and sing a song as they practice: singing their ABC’s, identifying letters, and matching capital and lowercase letters.


Today students learn about the concepts of top vs. bottom as well as half vs. whole through fun and interactive tasks and an Easter-themed game!


Kids love Halloween, the costumes, the candy, and the fun!! But to some younger ones the thought of spooky tricks and scary costumes can ruin the Halloween fun. This is a fun way to spend the week leading up to Halloween doing themed activities that lead up to the fun day without the scariness that some children just don't enjoy.

Found in lesson: … with them different activities and decorations, right? (Easter brings eggs, Christmastime brings Christmas trees, Fourth …


This lesson studies the story, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. In this lesson, children will practice retelling the story, make a fun bear-themed snack, and explore a fun sensory bin!

Found in lesson: … Long wavy grass - ornamental grass or paper Easter grass Deep, cold river - water with …

LessonGrades 1-3ELA

I'm an editor, so I'm always thinking about ways to get my kids interested in boring things like capitalization!

Found in lesson: … Day St. Patrick’s Day Easter Mother’s Day Memorial Day …

LessonGrades 1-2Science

This unit was inspired by the Easter Bunny! I took the fact that bunnies were everywhere to create a unit all about rabbits.


After Easter, we had a lot of jellybeans around which inspired this math lesson.

LessonK-2ELAMathAdditionBoard GamesCandy

This lesson examines candy through the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, cooking, crafts, experiments and more!

Found in lesson: … on this website: Fun Dessert for Passover & Easter: Homemade Chocolate Lollipops: Foodie Goes Healthy …

LessonGrades 1-2MathAdditionDollsKinesthetic

In this lesson, children create their own gnomes to help them understand the concepts of addition and subtraction through a hands-on Math activity.

Found in lesson: … Paper Pencils Sticky notes or Easter eggs Watch Smartphone/tablet/computer …


This lesson helps children to learn the -en word family through videos, rhyming games, a hen craft and matching activities.

Found in lesson: … Play Paper Pen/pencil Easter eggs (optional) Read Printable resource …

What is your family learning this week?

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