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LessonGrades 1-5Field TripsScienceFallHalloweenSTEM

Corn Mazes: Building Brick Adventure, Maze Creating, and More

I created this building brick adventure for an online class that I was teaching. We had so much fun with the adventure in class, I felt inspired to create a whole lesson about corn mazes.


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Danielle Day
LessonPreK-1Field TripsLifeSocialConservationMakeRecycling

Children will learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle by creating their own recycling center at home, visiting a recycling center and recycling old art supplies to make something new!

Found in lesson: … Videos: How Compost Is Made: A Field Trip! From: Youtube 7 minutes) Make …

LessonGrades 4-6Field TripsScienceAmericaConservationGardening

In this lesson, children will learn about the importance of keeping their neighborhood and the natural world clean and healthy through recycling, research, plogging, gardening and composting.

LessonPreK-5Field TripsScienceAnimalsCraftEcosystems

This lesson explores the climate, plants, and animals of the prairie ecosystem through field experiences and crafts.

LessonGrade 8Field TripsLifeScienceAnimalsBiology

This lesson examines different types of careers that have to do with taking care of animals. Activities include researching/reading about careers with animals and a trip to the zoo!

Found in lesson: … in you can 1520 minutes) take field trips to those places. For example if …

LessonPreK-5Field TripsScienceJournalingMakeMoon

Let your child recreate the phases of the moon with this creative and hands-on lesson which includes creating an interactive toy, a moon simulation and nightly moon observations.

LessonGrades 2-5Field TripsLifeMathBudgetingFinancesMoney

This lesson teaches children how they can budget their money and takes them on a field trip to the bank to open their own savings account.

LessonGrades 4-8Field TripsScienceBiologyFruits

This lesson lets children use their senses to explore pineapples in depth, with hands-on challenges and tasty recipes.

Found in lesson: … come from? Go Go on a field trip to examine and purchase a ripe …

LessonGrades 1-4Field TripsSocialAmericaJournalingNature

In this lesson children will discover the wonder of a US National park of their choice! Children will read and watch about a national park and if possible, visit, explore and journal about their experience!

LessonPreK-KField TripsScienceAstronautsExperimentsSpace

This lesson helps children gain an appreciation for space exploration and the steps needed to train as an astronaut through a series of fun and creative ‘missions’ that they must complete.

LessonPreK-2Field TripsScienceInsectsNatureNature Walk

This lesson, based on “The Very Busy Spider”, teaches children about spiders with activities including a nature walk to find different types of spider webs, a spider web craft, a spider themed dance, and more!

LessonPreK-KField TripsLifeMathKindnessKinesthetic

This lesson explores the duties and responsibilities of a mail carrier and teaches children how a piece of mail gets from one place to another through books, mail sorting activities, addressing an envelope, pretend play, a mailbox card craft, and a field trip to drop off a letter to the post office mailbox.

LessonGrades 3-8Field TripsSocialHistory

This lesson challenges children to research about an event in history to write an engaging article.

Found in lesson: … individual? Time needed 23 hours (plus field activity which is variable) Inspiration “I wanted …

LessonGrades 1-5Field TripsArtsScienceAstronomyCookingNature

In this lesson children will explore the night sky through engaging books, short videos, creative crafts, tasty cookies, and observation and identification!

Found in lesson: … your own flashcards activity Explore: 1 field activity Create: 14 craft projects …

LessonPreK-8Field TripsScienceAnimalsCraftKinesthetic

This lesson explores learning about animals, understanding their habitats and any special adaptations they may have. It also builds knowledge over the course of years to help make conclusions about the Animal Kingdom and its uniqueness.

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