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My kids love flowers and think they are beautiful. We are always looking for fun things to do with flowers ever since learning more about them.

Kelli Dean

We love gardening and especially flowers. It was a no brainer to do a lesson on something we loved!


This lesson is mainly about matching colors, however it can be used for counting as well or creativity with a bouquet. Flowers are a unique object for the children to learn from.

LessonPreK-2ScienceBotanyField TripsGardening

In this lesson Kids get the chance to learn all about the parts of a flower! They will go on a nature walk and identify different types of flowers, as well as research and learn about the anatomy of their flowers.


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Marg Brunner

As you read the book, My Garden by Kevin Henkes, encourage your child to dream up an imagination garden of their own!

Found in lesson: … the main character says, "In my garden, flowers could change color just by my thinking …

PrintableK-5FlowersScienceExperimentsLife SciencesNature

With this short and sweet resource, your child can practice labeling the parts of a dandelion flower.

Found in lesson: … Dandelion: A common plant with bright yellow flowers and leaves with points along the edges …

LessonPreK-5FlowersScienceLife SciencesNaturePlants

Have fun exploring, experimenting with, creating with, and learning about dandelions as a family!

Found in lesson: … this plant might grow? All of the flowers on this page are Have you ever …

LessonK-4FlowersSocialTreesUnited States

This lesson takes children to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. They will watch a video to learn more about the cherry blossom trees, view the cherry blossoms live on a webcam, explore your local area to find trees in blossom, make a cherry blossom tree using popcorn and more!

Found in lesson: … season do a lot of trees and flowers have blossoms? Spring! What do you …


In this lesson your child will learn all about sunflowers through reading, a video, and crafts, while practicing counting and sequencing. Your child will get active through dance and sunflower yoga and have the opportunity to grow their own sunflowers!

Found in lesson: … daisy family, with very large golden-rayed flowers. Sunflowers are cultivated for their edible seeds …

LessonPreK-2FlowersArtsScienceMotor SkillsPlants

In this multifaceted lesson, your child will learn all about roses through a combination of research, videos, craft activities, labeling flower parts and a fine motor skill activity. You and your child will also have the option to visit your local flower nursery to examine roses in person!

Found in lesson: … 5 hours Inspiration “Roses are my favorite flowers.” Learning I can... objectives Recall interesting …

LessonGrades 2-4FlowersScienceBotanyCraftKinesthetic

This lesson examines the parts of the flower or plant. Children get to research, discover, draw, and label the parts of a flower, do a creative activity, and go on a nature walk.

Found in lesson: … flower Pedicel - the stem that holds the flower’s parts For your older learners, have …

LessonGrades 3-8FlowersScienceBotanyNaturePlants

This lesson focuses on learning about and categorizing plants, trees and flowers in order to propagate them and grow new ones!

LessonGrades 5-8ELASocialBooksWomen

Children will discover Victorian wedding traditions and proper victorian etiquette in this 5th lesson on Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Children can create their own paper flowers, calling cards and lemonade from scratch in this lovely little lesson.


This lesson uses fun, hands-on activities such as labeling the anatomy of a bee, beeswax candle making, and honey tasting to explore the important relationship between bees and flowers. Children will “bee” delighted to discover the busy world of bees!


This lesson examines the Spring Equinox through comprehensive reading, math and writing skills, crafting a spring bouquet, singing and dancing!

Found in lesson: … number 10. Print out 10 pictures of flowers for each child or create flowers from …

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