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Consonant Blends

Your child will practice reading and writing consonant blends. They will also engage in a singing activity, a game and a blend search to deepen their understanding of consonant blends.

Found in lesson: … minutes) about consonant blends: Consonant Swag Learn Grammar | Songs For Kids | Sing Along | GoNoodle Get …


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Camille Lee

During this lesson, your child will practice identifying different parts of speech. Your child will engage in discussion, writing, and movement activities as they practice naming and identifying different parts of speech. Activities in the lesson can be adapted to meet the needs of children of different ages.

LessonGrades 1-3GrammarELAProofreadingReadingWriting

In this lesson, your child will learn how apostrophes are used through videos, become an apostrophe doctor, storytell with macaroni apostrophes, and hunt through books to find apostrophes.

Found in lesson: … for? Why is punctuation important in grammar? Watch Watch the following video with your …

LessonGrades 1-4GrammarELAKinesthetic

Children will learn about irregular plurals through reading a fun book and watching an informative video.

Found in lesson: … exception to the general rules of grammar or spelling Source: The Topics Review Review …


Children will practice reading and forming words that follow the CVCE pattern.


Children will practice reading and forming words that follow the CVC pattern using games and creative tasks!

LessonGrades 3-5GrammarELASpelling

This lesson works as a quick review or introduction to antonyms and synonyms, how to use them in word games and correctly in writing activities.

LessonGrades 3-6GrammarELAPoetry

This lesson explores figurative language by focusing on metaphors. In this lesson, children will write a metaphor poem or story, draw a picture of a metaphor, play metaphor charades, and participate in fun virtual metaphor games!

LessonGrade 6GrammarELADramaStorytellingWriting

This lesson examines how to correctly punctuate dialogue in your writing. Your child/ren will practice punctuating with fun/interesting writing prompts and learn how to use quotation marks in any kind of dialogue.

Found in lesson: … can give them some questions to answer. Grammar for Kids: Punctuating Dialogue Part 1 Macbeth …

LessonGrades 2-4GrammarELACookingGamesKinesthetic

This lesson teaches children the meaning, difference between, and examples of common and proper nouns. They get to play games, cook a favorite recipe, and complete an assessment to demonstrate their understanding.


Through songs, games, and a craft, your child will engage in activities to practice using the prepositions “on, in, under” in isolation and in sentences when speaking about the location of an item. They will also practice asking and answering questions using “on, in, under”.

LessonGrades 2-6GrammarELAKinesthetic

During this lesson your child will be immersed, captivated by, engrossed, and engaged in... activities involving synonyms. The lesson begins with a fun book with Ben Clanton called Narwhal's School of Awesomeness. Throughout the lesson, your child will engage in discussion about synonyms, watch a short video to learn more about synonyms, practice coming up with synonyms through a writing activity and a game, and put their creative writing to the test as they rewrite a sentence using different synonyms each time.

LessonGrades 1-4GrammarELAWriting

Children will explore synonyms and antonyms in this lesson as they watch videos, make a T-Chart, complete a worksheet, play games online, and participate in gross motor activities.

LessonK-1GrammarELAGamesMotor SkillsSnow

In this lesson children will discover the action words we call verbs! Word classes can be challenging for children, but with the help of some silly snowmen children will read, watch, write, trace & cut, assemble, identify and draw their way to learning about verbs!


This lesson explores prepositions with fun and interesting Pokemon activities! Children will create Pokemons, place them to match the given preposition, make a Preposition treasure map, and go treasure hunting.

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