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Grades 3-8HealthLifeScienceAnatomyBiologySports

Strong Healthy Heart

This lesson examines how to find your heart rate and how to keep your heart healthy. It discusses how exercise is good for the heart and vocab words to do with the heart.


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Kayla Carter

I wanted my children to not only practice healthy eating but also good dental care and have healthy mouths. This was created to encourage and empower them to continue healthy dental habits.


Being healthy is very important. It’s important to eat right, exercise, and wash your hands.

Grades 2-8LifeScience

Making your own food is one of the more rewarding adventures of childhood. I put together this class to help kids learn the beginnings of blending flavors.

Grades 3-5HealthScienceBeesScienceYummy

In this lesson you will learn about how honey is made, the health benefits of honey, and create recipes with honey.

Grades 3-5HealthScience

In this lesson plan we learn how the influenza virus affects our bodies, and how it can be spread. We also learn about prevention methods to keep ourselves healthy.

Grades 5-7HealthLife

In this lesson plan we look at the risks of smoking, and the effects it can have on the body. By discussing the process of addiction we learn how hard it can actually be to quit once you've started smoking. This includes a physical activity to portray the feeling of lung disease, and research activities.

Found in lesson: … A by Centre For Addiction and Mental Health Ebook Resource: hps://openlibrary.org/ Study …

Grades 2-3HealthScienceAnatomyBones

We wanted a hands-on way to teach the skeletal system to our child, when they became interested.

Grades 2-3HealthScienceAnatomyBones

We wanted a hands-on way to teach the skeletal system to our child, when they became interested.

Grades 4-8HealthLifeScienceAnatomyExperiments

We were inspired to learn more about blood types after my son who is super interested in water distribution became interested in blood transfusions.

Grades 1-4HealthScienceExperimentsOutdoorsSolar System

This lesson introduces the center of our solar system- the Sun! Children will learn about the Sun through reading and educational videos, making a fun and simple sun themed snack, learning how to practice sun safety and protect themselves from the Sun’s powerful UV rays while still enjoying the great outdoors and completing a science experiment demonstrating how sunscreen works.


This lesson explores blueberries through reading and educational video. Children will learn the history of blueberries and the health benefits of eating blueberries. Blueberries are used as math manipulatives to practice various math skills. Children will use their imagination to draw a blueberry picture and bake a delicious blueberry cake.

Grades 3-5HealthLifeSafety

Children will learn about what first aid is, learn skills that are used to administer first aid, and practice using first aid in real life situations. They will also practice identifying emergency and non-emergency situations.


In this lesson children will discover what dreams are and why we have them! Children will read beautiful books, watch informative videos, journal their dreams and nightmares daily, and create a healthy bedtime routine for their family!

Found in lesson: … for Kids Normal Sleep Patterns by Kids Health NZ Check for understanding, ask your …


Children get to learn all about nutrition and the food groups with a Berenstain Bears story. They will practice and develop their literacy and math skills, as well as play games, go for a walk, and eat healthy snacks.

Found in lesson: … functions. Watch Together watch this video about health and nutrition: Healthy 15 minutes) Eating for …

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