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LessonGrades 1-8Math

Math in Real Life: Collection Overview

Math is more than numbers and symbols on a page. Math is all around us! You and your child can explore math in music, nature, and even art! Help your child experience how math relates to their lives as they engage in lessons in this collection!

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LessonGrades 2-6ArtsMathArtsMusic

Math is more than just numbers on a page, math is all around us in real life! Most people, adults and children alike miss the connection between math and art and music, I created this lesson to show my children that they are connected more than they think!


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Rosie Greer
LessonGrades 6-8MathNature

I wanted to show my children that math is all around us and not just boring numbers on a page! We had previously learned about famous art works and their artists so I thought why not learn about famous mathematicians and their discoveries or contributions to the math world.

Short lessonGrade 4MathDivisionMultiplication

In this lesson, your child will review fourth-grade multiplication and division with some cross-curricular art and candy bar math.

LessonGrades 7-8MathCareersGames

This lesson explores some of the coolest math concepts around! Children will begin the lesson by creating a math notebook to record their findings. They will research and list careers that use math regularly, draw a floor plan of their home, learn and play 3 math games and explore the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio through video and art.


This lesson teaches children to identify and add money through coin rubbings, matching games and role play with superheroes.

LessonGrade 2Math

After reading the book [How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?], I was inspired to use the same activity as the teacher in the book.


After Easter, we had a lot of jellybeans around which inspired this math lesson.

LessonGrades 1-3MathDisneyGamesMovies

This lesson practices Math skills with a Star Wars theme. Children will work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions through color by number, LEGO minifigure games, multiplication puzzles and more!


This lesson helps children to practice their mathematics skills with St. Patrick’s Day themed activities such as graphing, puzzles, scavenger hunts and crafts.

LessonGrades 1-3MathMathCountingMultiplicationPatterns

Children will apply their prior knowledge of the 100 chart. They will discover new number patterns and how they relate to multiplication. They will watch a video, play games, learn skip counting songs, and more as they expand their knowledge of how the 100 chart can help them with math.


Children will listen to books and watch a video to learn about being president. They will be encouraged to think about what it would be like to be president and they write and draw. They will also explore coins as they learn about President’s Day.

LessonGrades 1-2MathColorsMakeMovement

Children will become more familiar with number patterns using a 100 chart in a variety of ways. They will play games, complete puzzles, sing songs, and watch videos as they strengthen their understanding of number patterns.


Valetine's Day was approaching, and I wanted to make learning more fun that day!


I was inspired because I realized my child loved watching stuff like the Wiggles and the Coco Melon song and dance. So I wanted to find activities that would help him be encouraged and excited to learn, and what better way than to incorporate some fun song and dance along with the activities. Kids are more likely to remember songs too than just learning something. The songs stick with them.

What is your family learning this week?

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