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Short lessonGrades 3-5MoneyMathWords

Money Word Problems

In this lesson, your child will practice solving money-related word problems.


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Short lessonGrades 2-4MoneyMath

In this back to school math review, your child will practice counting out mixed values of money using bills and coins and making change.

LessonGrades 1-2MoneyLifeMathAdditionCountingField Trips

This lesson helps children learn the value of different coins in addition to counting money through books, videos, memory games, worksheets and a practical activity at a store of your choice.

LessonGrades 3-5MoneyLifeMathFinancesGames

This lesson allows students to play games in order to learn how to use money.


This lesson, Kids get to learn all about money! They get to do a fun, hands-on experiment, practice categorizing, naming and counting coins in various activities.

LessonGrades 3-5MoneyLifeMathBudgetingField TripsFinances

This lesson teaches kids how to use math skills for real-life tasks such as grocery shopping.

LessonGrade 2Math

This lesson was designed to review money in a back to school lesson for second graders.


Our family-owned financial coaching business helped us learn how important it is to learn money habits young​. Our girls love earning (and spending!) money, and this lesson helped them learn where it comes from and how they can use it to help others and themselves!

LessonGrades 3-5LifeMathSocialBudgetingBusinessEntrepreneurship

In this 6-week expedition, children will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and even get a chance to try running a small business of their own! This lesson teaches children about the importance of saving in order to build generational wealth.


Songs help my children learn and retain concepts long term. Ending the lesson with play allows children to use their new skills in practice.

LessonGrades 1-2LifeMath

I wanted a fun and hands-on way for kids to learn and remember how to use coins and money. This lesson utilized auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning methods to help students more fully master the information.


My child was having trouble with the identification of coins and remembering their value, so I wanted to incorporate learning with a fun activity.

LessonGrades 5-8MoneyELASocialBooksWomen

In this lesson, children will analyze the character of Theodore Laurence from Little Women and learn about the Currier & Ives painting, The Ladder of Fortune, and take part in a discussion about Victorian and contemporary values. Children will draw their own “Ladder of Fortune,” and create two historical toy versions of Jacob’s Ladder!

Found in lesson: … moral character Economy: The careful use of money, resources, and means of production OR the …


During this lesson, your child will learn about how pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are made, what they are worth, and characteristics of each coin.

Found in lesson: … needed 23 hours Inspiration “Coins and money are always a great interest around here …


This lesson teaches children to identify and add money through coin rubbings, matching games and role play with superheroes.

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