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Grade 4MultiplicationMath

Multiplication Review

In this lesson, your child will focus on reviewing the concept of multiplication using two hands-on methods.

Ann Ash
Grades 2-4MultiplicationMathKinestheticMotor Skills

The activities in this lesson are designed to provide many avenues for your child to work on mastering single digit multiplication including: engaging with books, watching videos, using visuals, using manipulatives (Lego® bricks), and learning a song to practice multiplication facts.

Grades 3-5MultiplicationMathArithmeticVisual

This lesson uses an older math resource and a hands-on technique to teach basic multiplication.

Grades 1-2Math

In our homeschool, we begin to memorize the math laws in early elementary so that building upon those principles in higher math is simpler and easier for the student.

Grades 1-8MathGamesKinestheticPatterns

This lesson explores different tricks to help with recall of the 9s times tables.


(1 review)

Lindsay Rowe
Grades 1-4MultiplicationMathAdditionDivisionSnow

These printable snowball-themed reusable math worksheets provide fun math practice in a winter-time theme.

Grade 4MultiplicationMathDivision

In this lesson, your child will review fourth-grade multiplication and division with some cross-curricular art and candy bar math.

Grades 3-5MultiplicationMathGraphingMeasure

In this fun math lesson your child will explore a range of mathematical concepts such as logic, puzzles, measurement, graphs, multiplication and factors, while reading math inspired books and researching famous mathematicians.

Grades 4-5MultiplicationMathAdditionDivisionMath

In this lesson we will be learning about the order of operations. We will learn why it is used and the steps to take to complete it.

Found in lesson: … raised symbol beside the number or expression Multiplication: The process or skill of multiplying …

Grades 1-3MultiplicationMathCountingMathPatterns

Children will apply their prior knowledge of the 100 chart. They will discover new number patterns and how they relate to multiplication. They will watch a video, play games, learn skip counting songs, and more as they expand their knowledge of how the 100 chart can help them with math.

Grades 3-5MultiplicationMathCookingKinestheticLego

This lesson builds multiplication skills in a fun way through Lego builds, a Lego game and a Lego recipe!

Grade 8MultiplicationMathSocialCraftHistoryValentines Day

This lesson on Valentine’s Day includes a variety of activities like a Valentine’s multiplication practice worksheet, creating Valentine’s cards, writing a paper about love, and more!

Grades 2-4MultiplicationScienceAdditionAnimalsDivision

This lesson educates children all about the pit viper using research, videos, writing and drawing to explore more about the species.

Found in lesson: … using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., knowing that 8 …

Grades 6-8MultiplicationMathSocialAdditionCodebreakersCodes

This lesson explores interesting facts about World War II codebreakers with fun and interesting activities!

Found in lesson: … code breakers. Solve addition, Subtraction and multiplication problems. Solve a cryptograph. Explain …

Grades 2-4MultiplicationSocialAdditionAmericaAmerican History

This lesson teaches children all about Martin Luther King Jr and his impact on the Civil Rights Movement, explaining why we celebrate MLK Day.

Found in lesson: … superteacherworksheets.com) Three digit by one digit multiplication: mlk-multiplication_WMFRW.pdf (superteacherworksheets.com …

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