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LessonGrades 3-8PaintingArtsELAActingDramaPoetry

Painting Poetry with Watercolors

This lesson helps your child dive deep into poetry analysis while expressing their artistic side through poem writing and performing.


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Astrid Turner

This lesson is all about providing students with activities that help them practice letters in the alphabet. They will learn how to recognize, pronounce and write these letters in a variety of interactive tasks.

LessonGrades 6-8PaintingSocialArtistsBlack HistoryWho HQ

Explore the life and work of Jean-Michel Basquiat in this lesson! Your child will learn about the struggles Jean-Michel faced, the style of art he created, how he died and about his lasting legacy through books, videos, and an exciting art project.

Found in lesson: … child can create their own Basquiat inspired painting and have a ton of fun while …

WorksheetGrades 6-8PaintingSocialArtistsBiographyBlack History

Your child will learn about the life of one of the most famous Black American artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat and view some of his amazing works in this brief activity!

Found in lesson: … Where was Basquiat spending his nights spray painting graffiti? 9. What does SAMO stand for …

WorksheetGrades 3-6PaintingSocialArtistsBiography

Your child will be introduced to Edgar Degas and learn a bit about some of his most famous artworks in this watch and respond activity!

Found in lesson: … learning about Edgar Degas: Do you enjoy painting? What are some things you like to …

LessonGrades 1-6PaintingSocialArtistsBiography

Your child will be introduced to Edgar Degas, the famous French Impressionist artist and his most famous sculpture!

Found in lesson: … a discussion with your child about the painting above. How do you feel when …

Short lessonGrades 3-8PaintingSocialArtistsBiographyWomen

Introduce your child to the life of the American Impressionist Mary Cassatt and her beautiful paintings with this brief video and response page.

Found in lesson: … story could start or end with the painting, or the painting could take place in …

LessonGrades 3-8PaintingSocialArtistsWomen

Introduce your child to the famous female impressionist artist Mary Cassatt through a read aloud and art activity.

Found in lesson: … a discussion with your child about the painting above. What do you see in …

Short lessonGrades 3-8PaintingSocialArtistsBiographyNature

You can provide your child with this worksheet to learn about the life and works of one of the world’s most famous artists, Claude Monet!

Found in lesson: … Impression, Sunrise) 10. What is an impressionist painting? (A painting that isn’t an exact …

LessonGrades 3-8PaintingArtsSocialArtistsNatureWho HQ

This lesson introduces children to the historical artist Claude Monet and allows them to create their own beautiful masterpiece! Children will learn about Monet through an online article or book, a video and a painting activity.

Short lessonGrades 6-8PaintingSocialArtistsBiographyFeminism

Your child will learn about how Mexican artist Frida Kahlo turned her hardships into magnificent works of art and why she is still so popular today!

Found in lesson: … the accident, what did she work on? (Painting techniques) 3. What are some subjects Frida …

Short lessonGrades 4-6PaintingSocialArtistsNatureWho HQ

In this lesson children will discover the life and work of America's most famous ornithologist, John James Audubon. Children will read about Audubon's boyhood, watch about how his work changed how natural history is studies and learn to draw a bird just like John James Audubon!

Found in lesson: … would like to see Audubon’s original painting, they may view it here: American White …

LessonGrades 5-8PaintingELASocialArtistsBooksEurope

In this lesson children will be immersed in the impressionist art movement of the late 1800's! Children will learn about May Alcott Nieriker, the inspiration for the character Amy March. Children will also create a paper mache teacup, pickle limes and map out Amy's journey through Europe!

Found in lesson: … about? (Amy) What does Amy enjoy? (Painting) How would you describe Amy? Do …

Short lessonGrades 6-8PaintingArtsELAArtistsAutumnFall

In this lesson children will learn a bit about a famous autumn inspired painting of their choice and a bit about the artist who created it! Children will also read autumn inspired poetry, use watercolors to paint how the poem makes them feel and write an autumn inspired Haiku style poem of their own!


This lesson explores blueberries through reading and educational video. Children will learn the history of blueberries and the health benefits of eating blueberries. Blueberries are used as math manipulatives to practice various math skills. Children will use their imagination to draw a blueberry picture and bake a delicious blueberry cake.

Found in lesson: … this activity can be found here: Painting with Blueberries Kids Activity | Artsy Momma Cook …

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