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LessonGrades 1-3PatternsMathCountingMathMultiplication

Expanding on Math Skills and Patterns with a 100 Chart

Children will apply their prior knowledge of the 100 chart. They will discover new number patterns and how they relate to multiplication. They will watch a video, play games, learn skip counting songs, and more as they expand their knowledge of how the 100 chart can help them with math.


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Danielle Day
LessonGrades 1-2PatternsMathColorsMakeMovement

Children will become more familiar with number patterns using a 100 chart in a variety of ways. They will play games, complete puzzles, sing songs, and watch videos as they strengthen their understanding of number patterns.


Patterns can be a confusing topic so I wanted to create a variety of activities to help children understand it.

LessonGrades 1-8PatternsMathGamesKinestheticSTEM

This lesson explores different tricks to help with recall of the 9s times tables.

Found in lesson: … a hard time remembering things. We noticed patterns with the 9s which led to research …


This Learn to Read Series contains 9 collections of activities and lessons that are broken down into different early literacy skills. The series is intended to help support and encourage you and your child on your child's journey towards learning how to read. The series begins with collections designed to help you casually introduce letters and sounds to your child. Next, there are collections of activities with the goal of helping them create connections between the letter and sounds. After that, you will find collections created to help your child recognize words and learn basic spelling patterns. Finally, you and your child will engage in activities that involve stringing words together to read full sentences!


This lesson uses The Avengers as a theme to practice important problem solving skills and fine and gross motor skills through pattern activities, STEM activities, math games, and a creative design project.


Children will practice reading and forming words that follow the CVCE pattern.


Children will practice reading and forming words that follow the CVC pattern using games and creative tasks!

LessonGrades 1-4ScienceAnatomyAnimalsBiology

Learn all about owls by researching, drawing and learning how to dissect owl pellets which are one of the most unique scientific footprints available in nature. Pellets preserve the bones and fur of an owl’s prey and studying them gives us a deep understanding of owls, their diet patterns as well as the anatomical makeup of the creatures they ate. Its just sooo cool!


This lesson teaches children all about planets! They get to create their own paper mache planet and then give a presentation about its planetary features.

Found in lesson: … planetary features, such as atmosphere, terrain, orbiting patterns, etc. Common core RI.2.10 By …


In this lesson children will read Caps for Sale, by Esphyr Slobodkina, complete a patterning craft, listen, dance, and sing along to a silly song and play a fun hat stacking game!

Found in lesson: … story Caps for Sale Practice making patterns with colored hats Sing and dance …

Short lessonGrades 3-5MathArithmeticMultiplicationVisual

This lesson uses an older math resource and a hands-on technique to teach basic multiplication.

Found in lesson: … math curriculum.” Learning I can... objectives Identify patterns in multiplication Common core CCSS.MATH …


This lesson is all about the SOLAR SYSTEM! Today children read books and watch videos about outer space and the planets, complete several arts and crafts projects, and participate in some fun indoor and outdoor play.

Found in lesson: … the planets in the solar system. Explain patterns of the sun, moon and stars. Develop …


This lesson is all about teaching students how to appropriately dress for each season. Your child gets to create their own seasons chart, learn about the four seasons and clothes, and complete a series of fun and interactive online tasks.

Found in lesson: … I can... objectives Explain the different weather patterns throughout the four seasons. Identify and name …

LessonPreK-KScienceAnimalsField TripsLifecycles

The world around us is full of wonder and life. What better way to explore than to observe the life cycles that we see in our world? Our ducks laid eggs and we were lucky enough to be able to observe them, but there are many ways to observe life cycles

Found in lesson: … can... Recognize that life cycles follow a pattern Different living things have different life cycles …

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