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PrintableGrades 2-8ReadingELABooks

Reading Logs

Looking for a great way for your child to keep track of the time they spend reading daily? You can also track the books your child reads monthly and yearly!


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Rosie Greer
LessonGrades 7-8ReadingELAHalloweenLiterary AnalysisPoetry

This was inspired by my desire to teach my daughter about Edgar Allan Poe.

LessonGrades 7-8ReadingELAHalloweenLiterary AnalysisPoetry

This has always been one of my favorite short stories for middle school so I created this unit to teach it to my daughter.

LessonGrades 2-3ReadingELABooksMystery

During this book study, children get to know character in the book A-Z Mysteries book series as they make predictions and try to solve the mystery. This unit contains many opportunities for reading comprehension practice and some fun extension activities where children can hone in their detective skills! Take a look at the activities included in this book study. Have fun diving into a multi-day book study as a family or selecting a few short and sweet activities for your child to engage as they enjoy the featured book.

LessonGrades 1-2ReadingELABooksLiterary Analysis

During this lesson you will read the silly story Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping with your child. Your child will learn about idioms as they think about why some of the events in this story happen. Then, your child will then pretend they are camping as they retell the story in their own words.

LessonGrades 7-8ReadingELABooksStorytelling

This lesson encourages readers to think deeply as they read the book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. They will do some character mapping, comparing and contrasting, and a fun escape room activity.

LessonGrades 3-4ReadingELABooksWriting

In this lesson children will discover what it means to be brave by reading the story Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary. Children will answer comprehension questions, complete an optional novel study, identify Ramona’s character traits, and create a book report in a box!

LessonGrades 3-5ReadingELABooksCultureHistory

In this lesson, children will participate in guided reading, research, and heritage activities to explore their understanding of the characters, setting, and events in the book, Esperanza Rising.

LessonGrade 3ELA

We use several different things to see what works best for her.


Children will practice making, drawing, writing, and talking about their mental images as a tool for building reading comprehension. Family members will be encouraged to join in with sharing and discussing some mental images as well.

LessonPreK-KReadingELAArts and CraftsMakeMotor Skills

During this lesson, your child will spend a few days building fluency with the book A Pig, A Fox, and A Box by Jonathan Fenske. They will engage in gross motor activities, engaging reading activities, sight word practice, an online read along, creating the characters, and other activities to help them gain fluency and build up their repertoire of sight words that they know automatically.


In this lesson children will practice their reading comprehension skills with the book Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae. Through story sequencing, crafts, movement and writing, children will reinforce their comprehension skills and have fun while doing it!


This lesson examines the littlest reindeer through observational and illustrative learning.


In this lesson, Child/ren will build a sensory bin, complete book related activities, and study the parts of a truck while they build one as a craft.

LessonK-1ReadingELABoard GamesChristmasGames

This lesson examines Christmas through observational and comprehensive learning.

What is your family learning this week?

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