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LessonGrades 1-2ShapesMathGeometryKinestheticScavenger Hunts

Marshmallow Geometry (Plane/Solid Shapes)

This lesson introduces geometry with plane and solid shapes through scavenger hunts, marshmallow shape building, a bingo game, online games and more!


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Patreshia Williams

This lesson teaches about shapes, colors, counting and getting kids started writing their names in a fun way!

LessonGrades 2-5Math

When my kids can do hands-on activities, it makes math concepts easier to understand.


My son is a very visual learner, with a love for games and music. So I combined it all into the lesson so it would be a fun, memorable lesson.


This lesson teaches children about different 2D and 3D geometrical shapes by creating prisms from nature.

LessonPreKShapesLifeMathMatchingMotor Skills

This lesson is designed to help your child develop their visualization & analytical skills. These are important critical thinking skills that will help develop your child's visual cortex and imagination by making connections and learning from trial & error. They will match silhouettes to items and create a silhouette during this lesson.

LessonGrades 2-5ShapesMathAutumnCookingCraft

This lesson shows symmetry and how to make something so that it contains symmetry.

Found in lesson: … favorite cookie recipes Cookie cutters in different shapes Create Two colors of construction paper Pencil …

LessonPreK-2ShapesMathAutumnFallField Trips

One year, we had a pumpkin plant take off in our back yard. It quickly became a science lesson for us, but as the pumpkins grew and were ready to be cut, I quickly realized that so much math could be learned from simply observing our pumpkins. This is a quick/easy lesson with little to no prep involved.

Found in lesson: … Study You can watch the video on shapes of objects like 30 minutes) 2D Shapes


This lesson teaches students their basic colors and shapes, and allows them to practice through various interactive tasks.

LessonGrades 2-3MathFractions

Your child will learn how to identify and write different fractions through activities such as: watching educational videos, sorting partitioned shapes, playing a fractions dice game, and more.


This lesson examines a very special coin- the quarter! Children will explore the shape, the letter it starts with, how it is made, and many other fun facts.


This lesson teaches geometric solids and compares 2 dimensional shapes with 3 dimensional shapes.

LessonGrades 3-5ScienceBugsCraftInsects

This lesson combines a field activity, art activities and research to help your child develop an understanding about insects of all shapes and sizes.

Short lessonGrades 2-3MathFractions

In this lesson, your child will compare fractions with common and uncommon denominators using picture cues to help them differentiate and make decisions about the value of each.

LessonGrades 1-5MathSocialAmericaAmerican HistoryBlack History

This lesson explores the quilt codes used on the Underground Railroad through artwork, stories, fraction work, and videos.

Found in lesson: … do that.” Learning I can... objectives Divide shapes into segments and fractions. Explain how people …

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