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Sight Word Activities and Practice

In this lesson children will learn sight words the fun way, through play! Children will read sight word based books, watch a video about sight words, play sight word games, complete a hidden sight word painting project, and spell their sight words with a sight word in a jar activity!


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Kelli Dean
LessonPreK-Ksight wordsELAArts and CraftsMakeMotor Skills

During this lesson, your child will spend a few days building fluency with the book A Pig, A Fox, and A Box by Jonathan Fenske. They will engage in gross motor activities, engaging reading activities, sight word practice, an online read along, creating the characters, and other activities to help them gain fluency and build up their repertoire of sight words that they know automatically.

LessonPreK-KELABoard GamesGamesKinesthetic

This lesson helps children practice recognizing and reading their sight words, while making it fun with superhero activities.

LessonK-1ELABoard GamesChristmasGames

Learner(s) will practice a variety of sight words by engaging in some fun holiday activities.

LessonPreK-KELAField TripsLegoPhonics

This lesson develops children’s recall of sight words through fun and interactive activities.

LessonPreK-1ELACraftField TripsGames

This lesson develops children’s recall of sight words through fun and interactive activities.


This lesson provides activities to teach your child to read.

Found in lesson: … picture. Compose short stories using the sight words. Find rhyming words for the sight words


This lesson helps children explore different parts of a pumpkin and their weights.

Found in lesson: … and weigh pumpkins with a scale. Spell sight words using pumpkins. Outline Hook Study: 1 …


This Learn to Read Series contains 9 collections of activities and lessons that are broken down into different early literacy skills. The series is intended to help support and encourage you and your child on your child's journey towards learning how to read. The series begins with collections designed to help you casually introduce letters and sounds to your child. Next, there are collections of activities with the goal of helping them create connections between the letter and sounds. After that, you will find collections created to help your child recognize words and learn basic spelling patterns. Finally, you and your child will engage in activities that involve stringing words together to read full sentences!


Using themed manipulatives can be a fun way to encourage your child to practice skills! You child can cut apart these Christmas light letters and use them to to make words, names, and more! Encourage your child to attach string for a festive holiday decoration!

LessonGrades 3-5SocialGamesNintendoVideo Games

Children will read, organize information, draw, come up with an idea for a video game, and more as they learn about history of Nintendo.

Found in lesson: … can make! By Turbo Fun math or sight word practice into the levels. 3 Crafts …


We are learning how to read, so CVC words came after letter sounds.

LessonGrades 1-2ELABooksLiterary AnalysisReading

During this lesson you will read the silly story Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping with your child. Your child will learn about idioms as they think about why some of the events in this story happen. Then, your child will then pretend they are camping as they retell the story in their own words.


My girls love berries and I knew anything that I did with berries would keep their interest.

Found in lesson: Sight Word/Letter Practice Pocket Chart (optional) Sight words or letters your child is working …


I love teaching concepts through books! It is such a natural, fun, and engaging way for young students to learn. This lesson is ALWAYS a hit with every group! It is also a great book to use for introducing the letter "D".

Found in lesson: … bones and with a marker write some sight words on them (examples: vocab, shapes, numbers …

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