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LessonGrades 3-8Social-EmotionalLifeCookingEmotionsFeelings

Social Emotional Skills

This lesson helps children to learn and identify different emotions to build their social emotional skills.


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Christina Christopher

Before, during, and after reading the book, Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal, family members will be challenged to think about ways your words affect our own hearts and the hearts of others. Our words have power! This lesson encourage us to use our words in positive, uplifting, and kind ways.

LessonGrades 2-3Social-EmotionalLifeEmotionsReading

Understanding how perspective impacts our conversations, beliefs, and relationships is important as we develop our children into leaders and is a part of their social and emotional well-being. The discussions that came from these activities and this topic were simply wonderful and the kids walked away with much to think about.

Short lessonK-2Social-EmotionalLifeHolidays

Your family will read or listen to a book about how Positive Ninja sends negative thoughts away and learns to replace them with positive thinking. As a family, you will brainstorm things you can each work on thinking about in a more positive light and come up with a code word to help you encourage each other to focus on the positive! Positive Thinking Day is on September 13th so if you come across this lesson around then, you may decide to celebrate this unique holiday; otherwise, you can have fun celebrating positive thinking any day of the year! Additional Positive Ninja by Mary Nhin (online option ) Supplies


This lesson encourages children to think about when they can solve a problem on their own and when they should report a problem to an adult through books, scenarios, drawing and more.


In this lesson, children will learn how to identify their emotions and practice calming strategies through activities including reading a picture book, discussing emotions, practicing different ways to calm down, and building a calm down kit.

LessonPreK-KSocial-EmotionalScienceAnimalsEmotionsLife Sciences

During this lesson, your child will learn about lobsters. They will create art and discuss the unique body parts a lobster has. After reading a fiction book about a lobster, your child will discuss emotions and how to take control of their emotions.

LessonGrades 1-8Social-EmotionalLifeFeelingsJournalingMindfulness

Mental health is crucial for any developing child but many times it’s overlooked. Help your child gain awareness of their emotions and worries. During this lesson, you will help your child learn simple and effective calming strategies that they can access when life gets tricky.

Found in lesson: … from Teachers Pay Teachers: Worry Journal: A Social Emotional Learning Tool to Help Kids Navigate …


In the final lesson of this unit, children will review what they have learned by naming and identifying emotions, practicing regulation and coping techniques, and watching a movie all about emotions and feelings.


In the sixth lesson of this unit, children will explore the final ‘down’ emotions of fear, disappointment, and defeat through playing games and working on sportsmanship, creating a fear scale to face fears and setting goals to overcome personal obstacles.


In the fifth lesson of this unit, children will explore humiliation, frustration, and anxiety, developing coping techniques through breathing exercises, mindfulness, role play activities, and writing a nature journal.


In the fourth lesson of this unit, children will explore grief, loneliness and rejection by learning about what it means to be a good friend, making a bracelet, researching famous people who experienced rejection, and reaching out to others who may be feeling lonely.


In the third lesson of this unit, children will explore the feelings of anger, jealousy, and guilt through books, videos, role play, practice strategies, creating a nature/emotions journal, drawing, and a poll.


In the second lesson of this unit, children will explore the feelings of security, pride, happiness, confidence, love and acceptance through books, videos, crafts, creating a nature/emotions journal, drawing and a celebration meeting.


In this 7-lesson unit, children will explore different emotions that people experience and how to handle them. Lesson 1 introduces the idea of emotions by presenting scenarios, practicing strategies, creating a nature/emotions journal, and talking about feelings. Further lessons in this unit dive deeper into specific emotions and coping strategies.

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