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WorksheetPreK-8SpringELAParts of SpeechSeasonsWriting

Spring Fill in the Blanks Story

Your children will create fun and likely quite funny short stories as they provide parts of speech to fill in the blanks for missing words in a story. This activity is designed to have a little something for children of all ages. Take a look at the recommended adaptations for this lesson for different grade levels. Then, have fun getting in a little language arts practice (and some laughter) as a family.

Curated by Flock

This lesson examines the Spring Equinox through comprehensive reading, math and writing skills, crafting a spring bouquet, singing and dancing!


During this lesson, children will create, experiment, engage with stories, practice counting, and dance as they learn about spring!


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Katie Stricker
LessonGrades 5-8ArtsSocial

During our study of classical music and classical composers we discovered the controversial ballet, The Rite of Spring, and wanted to learn more about the ballet that incited a riot!


Learning the seasons is an important lesson and I thought this would be fun.

WorksheetGrades 3-8SpringSocialAuthorsBooksGardening

Your child can learn a bit about the life and works of beloved author Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of The Secret Garden, A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy in a short video and complete a video response worksheet.

Found in lesson: … onions, tyme and more! Find more exciting spring themed reads and activities and more such …

LessonGrades 1-4SpringScienceSocialAnimalsHolidaysSeasons

This lesson introduces Groundhog Day to children. They will learn about the tradition of the holiday through reading, writing and watching a video full of fun groundhog facts. Two science experiments will help them learn about shadows, helping them to understand how shadows are a part of Groundhog Day.


This lesson studies the month of May. Children will learn all about this month of the year through activities including singing, reading, crafting a bird feeder and more.

Found in lesson: … 31 days. May is a month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Source: Google) Holiday …

LessonGrades 1-6ELALifeBooksLife SkillsReading

Did you know that there is a holiday called "Edible Book Day"? This unique holiday occurs in April. Your family can have fun hosting a "book tasting" event around this unique holiday or any day of the year for fun!

Found in lesson: … a hobby! Related Content on Flock: Spectacular Spring | Flock - Enjoy more content related to springtime …

LessonGrades 3-8ELAAdjectivesBooksNouns

After your child has read Stuart Little by E. B. White, your child will stretch their brains and expand their vocabulary as they explore parts of speech!

Found in lesson: … laughter) as a family. Find more exciting spring themed content in Spectacular Spring | Flock a …

LessonGrades 2-5ELAReading

Children will read Charlotte's Web by E. B. White and then analyze character traits through a compare and contrast activity, explore the anatomy of spiders and pigs, and practice their artistic skills through salt painting!

Found in lesson: … the Flock School Lesson Find more exciting spring themed reads and activities here: Spectacular Spring

WorksheetGrades 3-8SocialAuthors

Your child will learn a bit about the life and works of beloved author E. B. White in a short video and complete the following video response worksheet.

Found in lesson: … more! Amazing Authors! | Flock Find more exciting spring themed reads and activities and more such …


As you read the book, My Garden by Kevin Henkes, encourage your child to dream up an imagination garden of their own!

Found in lesson: … the Natural World by Julie Cerny Spectacular Spring | Flock My First Garden: For Little Gardeners …

PrintableK-5ScienceExperimentsFlowersLife Sciences

With this short and sweet resource, your child can practice labeling the parts of a dandelion flower.

Found in lesson: … activities, books, videos, experiments, and more! Spectacular Spring | Flock: Engage in activities related to springtime …

LessonPreK-5ScienceFlowersLife SciencesNature

Have fun exploring, experimenting with, creating with, and learning about dandelions as a family!

Found in lesson: … they watch. How Do Plant Seeds Travel? | Spring is Here! | SciShow Kids | YouTube (6 min …

What is your family learning this week?

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