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PreK-KWeatherScienceEarly educationWinter

4 Quick Winter Weather Activities for Toddlers (Ages 2+)

These activities are designed for toddlers. Add these winter weather activities to your weather or winter units! Add these winter weather activities to your weather or winter units! Learn about what to wear in the winter, sort clothing, watch a video then describe types of weather, and make and observation and record today's weather.

Jess Durocher

This is a week-long weather unit exploring all types of weather. This is a hands-on, interactive, learn-through-play lesson.


This lesson helps your child explore weather and the seasons through an experiment to make rain and creating a month-long weather chart.


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Jana Barroga
Grades 3-5WeatherScienceCookingNatureNature Walk

This lesson informs about the causes of natural disasters and how to reduce the impacts.


My kids are HUGE Minecraft fans! The more I watched them play, the more opportunities I saw to talk about weather, biomes, habitats, animals and so much more! Take advantage of all Minecraft has to offer! The learning opportunities are endless!

Grades 3-5Science

Weather is something my kids have been interested in for a long time and I wanted them to see how weather vanes can work and be such a big factor in keeping people safe.

Grades 3-5Science

My kids are fascinated with weather and are always asking about what causes certain things to happen

Grades 2-4WeatherArtsELAScienceSnow

This lesson focuses on learning about what blizzards are, where they occur during the winter months, and the impact severe weather like this can have.

Grades 1-3WeatherScienceMatterWind Energy

This lesson introduces children to the concept of air as matter. They will go on an air walk, searching for signs of air. They will also conduct an experiment to see if air takes up space and has weight. Children will dictate a fictional story about a windy day and then illustrate it to finish the lesson.

Found in lesson: … the science that studies the earth's weather and atmosphere. Gusts: a sudden rush …

Grades 1-2WeatherScienceCooking

This lesson examines thunder through observational and hands-on learning. Children get to do creative projects, develop their literacy and world languages skills, and bake a tasty Thundercake!

Found in lesson: … Create Have your child create a Weather Chart of weather words. They 1015 …

Grades 3-5WeatherScienceConservationEnvironmentExperiments

This lesson teaches about the importance of aquifers and other groundwater sources by creating an aquifer and performing an act of service in the community.


This lesson explores interesting facts about tornadoes with creating your own tornado and going over safety protocols during tornadoes.

Found in lesson: … 2 hours Inspiration “Tornadoes are an intriguing weather phenomenon. They are strong and powerful. They …


This lesson explores snow and fun winter activities and experiments! Kids get to make snow, create snow art and follow a delicious recipe.

Grades 3-5WeatherScienceDisastersEarthquakes

Your child will investigate and understand earthquakes after participating in this lesson.

Found in lesson: … kids are fascinated by learning all about weather and how it happens.” Learning I can …


Today students learn all about the colors of the rainbow in a variety of fun and interactive tasks while also developing their fine and gross motor skills.

What is your family learning this week?

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