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Alphabet Chart Writing Resource with Picture Associations (Printable Resource)

Learning a picture association to go along with each letter is a great way to help children understand and remember the sound(s) that letters make. This resource includes both small cards and full page posters that each feature a capital and lowercase letter and main picture association(s) for that letter

Danielle Day
LessonGrades 6-8WritingELAActingBooksStorytelling

In this lesson, your child will learn about the components of a Hero's Journey in a story. They will explore familiar books to look for examples of a Hero’s Journey. Then, your child will then have the opportunity to write their own children's adventure story!


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Kirsten Jackson
LessonGrades 3-8WritingELAAdvertisingBusinessCareers

This lesson will teach children the basic techniques of advertising and the devices used for persuasive writing through a series of videos, articles, and discussions that culminate in the design of an original advertisement.

LessonGrades 2-3WritingELAGames

In this lesson, children will learn the structure and language used in opinion writing through reading, writing, and playing a board game!

LessonGrades 2-3WritingELALifeSocial-Emotional

This lesson examines letters through writing a friendly letter, comprehensive reading, grammar, a song, and video.


Having a strong picture/letter association can help children remember the sounds that letters make. If your child would like to make their own chart of their own personal picture associations, this is the resource you are looking for!

Short lessonGrades 1-5ScienceCodesCodingLego

The idea of writing in code is very intriguing! I have found that children are very motivated to create their own codes and to learn how to read codes.


Children will explore creative storytelling as they draw pictures inspired by small squiggles on paper. They will practice adding details to their squiggle stories and using expression as they tell their stories to others. To wrap up the lesson, your child can either dictate or write their story down as a way of preserving their hard work!

LessonGrades 2-5ELA

"As my daughter entered third grade, I realized that while she enjoyed writing, there wasn't much structure to it. Her stories would be one long paragraph filling the entire page. I knew this was an area that could use improvement."

LessonGrades 3-5ELALifeSocialAdvertisingBusinessEntrepreneurship

In this 6-week expedition, children will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and even get a chance to try running a small business of their own! In lesson 8, children will learn about persuasive writing and design their own original advertisement.

LessonGrades 1-4ELAScience

This book inspires children to use their imagination and to make connections as they hear the story. It is a great jumping point for some fun reading response activities and science experiments as well!

LessonGrades 3-8SocialField TripsHistory

This lesson challenges children to research about an event in history to write an engaging article.

LessonGrades 1-3, 5ArtsELACraftMakeMovies

This lesson combines Art and English to develop children’s story telling.

LessonGrades 3-5ELAScienceSocialChemistryHistoryIce Cream

This lesson combines all subjects of science, language arts, social studies, and math together to analyze the making of ice cream and writing about it.

WorksheetPreK-8WritingELAParts of SpeechSeasonsSpring

Your children will create fun and likely quite funny short stories as they provide parts of speech to fill in the blanks for missing words in a story. This activity is designed to have a little something for children of all ages. Take a look at the recommended adaptations for this lesson for different grade levels. Then, have fun getting in a little language arts practice (and some laughter) as a family.

Found in lesson: … part of speech when they are done writing their sentence. PARTS OF SPEECH | English Your …

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