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LessonGrades 1-5ArtsScienceColors

Crayons: Read, Watch, Build, Draw

During this lesson, your child can engage in literacy, S.T.E.M, and art activities as they learn about the history of and explore different techniques to use when coloring with crayons!

Danielle Day
LessonGrades 1-8ArtsELAArts and CraftsBooksReading

Your child can add design elements, connect dots, doodle, and color as they create their own bookmarks. Creating a new bookmark will hopefully spark their interest in finding a new book to read!


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Danielle Day
LessonGrades 3-8ArtsSocialArtistsNaturePainting

This lesson introduces children to the historical artist Claude Monet and allows them to create their own beautiful masterpiece! Children will learn about Monet through an online article or book, a video and a painting activity.


In this document, you will find information about and links to MANY curated collections of lessons that are available on Flock! These collections were created with children of all ages in mind. Exploring lessons in collections is a great way to: find related lessons for children of different ages, explore lessons that work well together, dig deeper into topics, and find new inspiration.

LessonGrades 1-5ArtsELABooksNatureNature Walk

Through a read-aloud, nature walk, and craft project this lesson offers your children a chance to be creative and whimsical as they imagine themselves within the story of Heartwood Hotel.

Short lessonGrades 2-8ArtsSocialMake

Art is often overlooked or forgotten and its contribution to modern technology is often unknown. I made this hands on lesson that combines art and history and a little engineering all in one.

LessonGrades 2-8ArtsScienceEngineeringSTEM

To wrap up our study of paper engineering, we explored ways origami is used to design and inspire the creation of technology and equipment.

LessonGrades 2-6ArtsScienceArts and CraftsEngineeringSTEM

Learning about how and why pop-up books are made in a previous lesson led us into a multi-lesson study about paper engineering! After learning about pop-ups, we decided to explore different ways paper can be used to create 3-D designs and sculptures

LessonGrades 2-6ArtsArts and CraftsEngineeringSTEM

After encountering an AMAZING pop-up book (Welcome to the Neighborwood by Shawn Sheehy), our whole family was interested in learning more about how and why pop-up books are made which led us into a multi-lesson study about paper engineering!


My daughter loves ballet, and we watch The Nutcracker every year! We try to do activities to bring the story to life and hope these ideas will inspire other families!


We were inspired to create this lesson to teach children about Joseph Haydn, a classical composer who played a huge role influencing other composers. (Inspiration written by the Flock team)

LessonGrades 2-5ArtsSocialBiographyMusic

I grew up listening to my mother play all kinds of classical music, and I want to pass on some of that education to my kids!

LessonGrades 5-8ArtsSocial

During our study of classical music and classical composers we discovered the controversial ballet, The Rite of Spring, and wanted to learn more about the ballet that incited a riot!

Short lessonPreK-5ArtsSocial

My child loves music!

LessonGrades 2-5ArtsSocial

I grew up in a very musical home, so I want to pass that knowledge onto my kids!

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