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Time to the Hour and Half Hour Cards and Activities

You and your child can use the analog, digital, and event cards in this resource to practice telling time to the hour and half hour through engaging games, schedule creating activities, and more! This resource is designed to provide engaging practice for children who are working on telling time to the hour and the half hour. It also provides the opportunity for children to practice figuring out elapsed time!


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Curated by Flock
WorksheetGrades 3-8MathSocialCodingSTEMWomen

Your child can discover the life and works of one of the world’s earliest computer programmers, Ada Lovelace, in this watch and respond activity!

WorksheetGrade 8MathSocialArmySTEMWomen

Introduce your child to the greatest female sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, with this video and response activity.


In this document, you will find information about and links to MANY curated collections of lessons that are available on Flock! These collections were created with children of all ages in mind. Exploring lessons in collections is a great way to: find related lessons for children of different ages, explore lessons that work well together, dig deeper into topics, and find new inspiration.

LessonGrades 1-8Math

Math is more than numbers and symbols on a page. Math is all around us! You and your child can explore math in music, nature, and even art! Help your child experience how math relates to their lives as they engage in lessons in this collection!

LessonGrades 2-3MathFractions

Your child will learn how to identify and write different fractions through activities such as: watching educational videos, sorting partitioned shapes, playing a fractions dice game, and more.

LessonGrades 3-7MathSTEM

Tessellations are everywhere! This lesson was engaging for my child because it incorporates art and math to teach about polygons, reflections, rotations and tessellation.

Short lessonGrades 2-3Math

This lesson was created to help children see how math applied in real life and understand the importance and fun of estimation! (Inspiration written by the Flock team)

LessonGrades 3-6Math

We love to celebrate Pi day with fun activities. This lesson was a great way to incorporate those activities while also learning about what Pi was and how it is used in math and physics.

LessonGrades 3-7Math

My kids are hands-on learners so when Pi Day rolled around, I thought it would be super fun to learn and celebrate at the same time!

LessonGrades 3-5Math

In this lesson my daughter worked on practicing area and perimeter in hands-on, engaging ways using Cheez-It crackers and games.

LessonGrades 3-6MathMeasure

Math is more than just numbers on a page, math is all around us in real life! Measurement is an important part of everyday life and I felt children should know why it’s important to know how to measure accurately!

Short lessonGrades 1-3Math

Roman Numerals are like a secret code. What kid doesn’t like learning a secret code? In this lesson, you will find fun ways to practice Roman Numerals.

LessonGrades 2-6Math

Roman Numerals are like a secret code. What kid doesn’t like learning a secret code? In this lesson, you will find fun ways to practice Roman Numerals.

Short lessonGrades 3-5MathPopcorn

Using food to learn about math is fun and engaging! We were inspired to create this lesson for families to learn about volume while using a treat most children love! (Inspiration written by the Flock team)

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